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Of all the places Susan had expected herself to end up, the last was the streets. Since the death of her husband in 2011, however, Susan has faced mounting challenges when it comes to affordable living and housing. Susan had worked in the film industry, and with a background in dance, she competed in Canada’s… Continue reading


At the age of five, Devinder moved from India with his family in the search of a better life. After graduating high school, Devinder went to Douglas College, played the men’s soccer team and by 19, captained the team. But he had also started experimenting with drugs, and by the time his mother was diagnosed… Continue reading


At the age of 16, Stacey was kicked out of her home and was left with nowhere to go. Not knowing where to ask for help, she spent a whole month sleeping by a hydro tower and begging for food, until she finally moved in with a friend. The escape from her abusive household was… Continue reading

How small grants add up to make a big impact

Did you know 20% of the homeless in Metro Vancouver are youth under the age of 25? Many young people couch surf and so their situation can go unnoticed as they are not easily found on the street. Pacific Community Resources Society (PCRS) identified a critical service gap to support youth in 2007. What started… Continue reading