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What 10 years of impact means to our community

Leading the Way to End Homelessness in Surrey

Surrey Homelessness & Housing Society has been working hard over the past 15 years to become an effective leader and partner in the community by raising, managing and distributing funds to support programs, projects and initiatives that build capacity and make a difference in the lives of people who are homeless or at-risk. Since 2007, SHHS has invested over $10 million in over 150 projects, supporting community partners to create homes, maintain existing housing stock and deliver programs for vulnerable individuals, including children and youth. Surrey Homelessness & Housing Society is committed to ending homelessness in Surrey. When you give to SHHS, you can be assured that your donation will have the greatest possible impact on homelessness in our community, supporting the most promising programs serving those most vulnerable.

Impact Investment: Littles Place

A Compelling Opportunity to Help Provide Housing to Vulnerable and Homeless Women in Surrey

In 2017, Surrey Homelessness & Housing Society was pleased to provide a $75,000 responsive grant to Atira Women’s Resource Society to renovate the Motel Hollywood located at 9155 King George Boulevard. This was also the first year in which SHHS awarded an impact investment loan, and the inaugural $250,000 loan was disbursed to Atira to assist them in the purchase of the motel. As Atira already owned the two other sites adjacent to the motel, this land assembly created a re-development opportunity that could lead to even more social housing units being created in the future. Atira purchased the motel which would provide 23 units of long-term transitional and supportive housing to women who experience multiple barriers and chronic homelessness. The motel was in desperate need of renovations, and with the financial contribution from SHHS, Atira was able to leverage additional funding to support the purchase and renovations to the motel.