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Our goal is to raise $18,000 in support of Surrey projects that reduce and prevent homelessness and address emerging needs arising from COVID-19

For over 10 years, the Surrey Homelessness and Housing Society has been leading our community to address homelessness. We have granted over $7 million to local projects and initiatives that provide support to Surrey’s priority populations. This year, the need is greater than ever. Focusing on the emerging needs arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, our goal is to provide additional resources to respond to these needs and other issues being exacerbated because of the pandemic.

In March 2020, the 2020 Homeless Count in Metro Vancouver took place and identified 644 people in Surrey, a 6.5% increase from 2017. Surrey has the second largest population of unhoused people in the Metro Vancouver region, and it is important to consider that this number is likely an undercount as it represents one point in time.

We have the ability to come together and support our community in this unprecedented time of crisis. While we all focus on keeping safe and healthy, we can also help meet the basic needs of others in our city who need help. With your support, we can provide help, hope, and homes for those experiencing homelessness in Surrey. To support our goal that Everyone in Surrey has a Home and make an impact on your community, please donate today.

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Here are some ways you can meet the need for Surrey


provides a warm bed

Safe, affordable housing in Surrey is becoming more difficult to come by. Safe spaces and homes are needed more than ever with requirement to self-isolate and maintain physical distancing to keep safe and healthy. With your support, the Surrey Homelessness and Housing Society can assist with providing homes and safe spaces for people who are unhoused or at risk of homelessness. You donation will help individuals maintain a roof over their heads, a warm bed at night and a safe place to call home.


home essentials kit

From bedding and cookware to pantry supplies and groceries, there are many basic necessities someone starting over in a new home needs. Your donation towards a home starter kit will go a long way towards helping the transition for vulnerable families and individuals as they move into a home of their own.


outreach support

This year has been difficult on us all with unprecedented changes to how we go about our day to day lives. In the midst of it all, service providers and volunteers supporting essential programs are adapting and braving the pandemic to continue to help our priority populations in Surrey. Supporting essential workers with equipment and other supplies so they may continue to safely do their valuable work is so important.


personal protective equipment

The need to access personal protective equipment has become part of the “new normal”. For many, however, these items are not so easily accessible. Securing, for example, masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer for use on a daily basis can be challenging. Having access to the basic equipment needed to protect themselves is of the utmost importance, and your donation can help secure these items for priority populations and the organizations that serve them.


hygiene supplies

Personal hygiene items and practices are essential for all. With public spaces closed during the pandemic, many unhoused people in crisis do not have access to hand washing stations or other ways to meet their basic hygiene needs. Your donation will help provide hygiene supplies, that most may find in their bathroom cabinet, and enable hygienic practices during a time where these practices can truly save lives.


feeds a family

While 2020 has brought new challenges, the basic needs of food and shelter remain and have been heightened. Many of Surrey’s priority populations are in precarious living situations and experiencing food insecurity as they must choose between paying rent or eating. As little as $25 can provide a well-rounded meal for a family who may be struggling with putting food on the table. Your donation will help deploy food programs to help meet this urgent need.

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We work with community organizations to develop and fund Made in Surrey solutions that address the challenges that are specific to our community. When you give, your donation will have a substantial impact on homelessness in our community. Together, we can help Meet the Need for Surrey’s priority populations.

“In the beginning, I didn’t want to even ask people (to stay with them), because I know people have a certain outlook on homeless people, like ‘she’s going to be doing drugs in our bathroom.’ I don’t want them to think that. I literally have nowhere to go.”

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