Join SHHS’s Board of Directors! (CLOSED)

Join SHHS’s Board of Directors! (CLOSED)

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Surrey Homelessness & Housing Society is actively seeking community members to join its Board of Directors, alongside Surrey councillors Rob Stutt and Pardeep Kooner.

The overall purpose of SHHS’s Board of Directors is to provide direction and guidance on all matters related to the administration, marketing, promotion and growth of the Fund, as well as give advice to Vancity Community Foundation on the disbursement of grants.

Tasks of the Board

Understanding the homelessness situation in Surrey:

  • To have an understanding of the emerging trends and developments related to homelessness and the homelessness serving sector in Surrey.

Administrating the Fund:

  • To examine and recommend to Vancity Community Foundation the specific allocation of all monies contained within the Fund as endowment and flow-through funds.
  • To ensure that Vancity Community Foundation is achieving the investment goals as established by the Board.
  • Preparing an annually updated business plan for Council approval.
  • Preparing an annual budget for the Society for Council approval.

Building the Fund:

  • To develop a fundraising, communication and marketing strategy to substantially grow the Fund.
  • To ensure that the fundraising and marketing strategy is implemented and that it achieves its intended results.

Distributing grants:

  • To develop conflict of interest guidelines.
  • To decide on the criteria that will be used for allocating the grants.
  • To decide which agencies and projects should receive grants.
  • To establish the reporting and evaluative policies and procedures for agencies receiving the grants.

Public accountability:

  • To produce quarterly financial reports for the Society and the Fund.
  • To produce an annual report describing the progress and effectiveness of the Society and the Fund in addressing homelessness in Surrey, including a listing of all funded agencies and projects.

Application Requirements

Applicants interested in joining Surrey Homelessness & Housing Society’s Board must include:

  1. A committee application form;
  2. A resume;
  3. A letter outlining reasons why they wish to sit on the Board;
  4. Outline of previous boards and committees on which they have served; and
  5. An expression of particular experience and expertise that they would bring to the Board.

The deadline to apply to SHHS’s board is 4:30pm on February 22, 2023.

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