Housing Provides a Strong Foundation & Brings Hope for People in our Community

Housing Provides a Strong Foundation & Brings Hope for People in our Community

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Each fall, we launch a campaign during Homelessness Action Week (October 10-17, 2021), to bring awareness and understanding to the issue of homelessness in our community. The focus is to challenge preconceived notions and highlight that homelessness is a human issue. This year, our campaign is supporting Housing for Hope, bringing awareness that everyone deserves housing – a foundation that helps people move forward and live full lives.

In 2020, the Homeless Point in Time Count identified 644 homeless individuals in Surrey, with Indigenous people continuing to be overrepresented. Not represented in this data are individuals and families who are faced with housing instability issues putting them at risk of becoming unhoused, unhoused people who may not be accessing services, or people experiencing hidden homelessness by finding a temporary solution like staying on a friend’s couch or living in their car.

As the impacts of the pandemic continue to evolve and housing affordability issues are exacerbated, people in our community who were already struggling to get connected to housing or keep up with paying rent are at even higher risk of experiencing homelessness. Housing for Hope is about raising awareness of these issues – there are many pathways into homelessness and causes of housing instability, and connection to safe, stable and supportive housing is crucial.

This week is Homelessness Action Week, a time to get involved, start conversations and shine a light on this important issue to impact change. To find out more about the initiatives we support and how you can help impact lives in your community – check out our video above!

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