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Leading with Compassion and Collaboration – Surrey Housing Project

This year, something very special took place in Surrey. We saw the community come together to house the people on 135A Street. In collaboration with Novel Pics, the Surrey Homelessness and Housing Society developed a video which briefly describes the collaborative process and deep compassion that was necessary to make this happen.

During Homeless Action Week in October 2018, the Surrey Homelessness and Housing Society was delighted to share the collaborative and compassionate philosophy which informed the work of Phase 1 of the Surrey Housing Project. The goal of Phase 1 was to develop individual plans for those living in tents on 135A Street in Surrey, and house them into nearby modular housing.

This project took the political will from the City of Surrey to empower a compassionate approach, a focused team of collaborators with a shared ethical aim, and months upon months of planning and relationship building. The completion of Phase 1 is a direct reflection of this approach and long-term efforts of all involved.

The Surrey Homelessness and Housing Society proudly supports this project and is so pleased with the project partners for having the will to try something different. They put the individual needs of the vulnerable first and led the way home with kindness and empathy. The Society wholeheartedly supported this initiative and committed $489,733 towards the land lease for the housing sites. As mentioned in the video, this is a first step. We acknowledge that while it’s important to celebrate this success, there is more work to be done.