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#TBT Golf Tournament

It was Mayor Linda Hepner’s 3rd Annual Golf tournament on July 6th 2017 at Hazelmere Golf and  Country Club. The Surrey Homelessness & Housing Society sponsored the 11th hole. As advocates for the SHHS, staff were able to engage on the topic of homelessness in Surrey and discuss the SHHS impact with a makeup of teams stopping by. It followed with some insightful… Continue reading

“They’ve Never Stopped to Talk to the Person Sitting on the Corner of the Street, They Just Walk By…”

Watch this CBC video here that features the experience of, seventeen year old, photographer Leah Denbok who takes portraits of homeless people. Leah states these are her two project goals: “To shine a spotlight on the plight of homelessness” “To humanize homeless people, who are often seen as subhuman”. Leah says people are often curious to… Continue reading