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Grant Highlight: T.H.I.S. Surrey Poverty Reduction Plan

T.H.I.S. is how we end poverty in Surrey is a collaborative initiative that uses facts and analysis to address issues related to poverty and low income in Surrey. Recommendations for action are targeted along four key areas:

  • Transportation: public transit can make a real difference.
  • Housing: affordable housing plays a critical role
  • Income: job security and earnings are essential in escaping poverty
  • Support: affordable childcare, investments in education and other supports help increase life chances

We partnered with Vibrant Surrey, The City of Surrey, SPARC BC and other stakeholders to research data and to engage in dialogue with over 100 community members to develop community-based solutions that will help break the cycle of poverty in Surrey. No one person or organization can end homelessness or reduce poverty in Surrey, and we are proud to partner on this important community initiative.

To learn more about the plan and see the full report please visit Vibrant Surrey.