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2012 Inaugural Heroes of the Homeless

In 2012, the Surrey Homelessness & Housing Society was pleased to recognize, for the first time, community members who offered their hearts, time and resources to help those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Our Inaugural Heroes of the Homeless were inducted (with capes no less!) during the annual Awards and Grants Ceremony in October, 2012.

Robbie Dudra and his family put on the Skate for the Homeless in early 2012, raising over $1,000 for our Fund. Remarkably, Robbie was just 10 years old at the time. He has continued his good work with a book sale fundraiser and has participated in a leadership group at school.

Valhalla Roofing’s Harold Pinter and Charun Stone really came through when Kla-How-Eya’s All Nations Youth Safe House needed a new roof. Valhalla reached out to their suppliers to provide the materials for a brand new roof completely for free. Then they matched the generous donation and expertly installed a sound new roof themselves, at no charge.

Delview Secondary School Drama Department, motivated by the poignant story of a classmate whose sister experienced homelessness, put on a truly outstanding play called “The Blues.” They raised almost $600 for the Fund as well as awareness in their community about the reality of homelessness that many individuals and families face.

Thank you to all our Heroes for your amazing contributions. Your efforts, combined with the efforts of those you have inspired, will help fulfill the vision that everyone in Surrey has a home!