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10 year old Fundraiser Amazed by Generosity of Community

Skate for the Homeless Fundraiser from Novel Pictures on Vimeo.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world,” wrote Anne Frank when she was just a bit older than what Robert Dudra is now. At 10 yrs old, Robert has wasted no time in making a difference.

Over $1000.00 was raised for Surrey’s homeless, more than double the goal Robert had in mind when he set about organizing Skate for the Homeless, which took place on Friday, Feb. 10.
After the first time he passed some homeless people on cold streets, Robert determined he would do something to help. As a hockey goalie who spends after-school hours at the rink, Robert was inspired to connect a popular activity with a worthy cause through a skating fundraiser.

Robert told his friends about the skate through school announcements and posters, hoping many would come. To his surprise, about a hundred people from across the community, from pre-schoolers to a former Junior A hockey player now in his 80s, donned skates to glide, shuffle and twirl in the name of eliminating homelessness in Surrey.

For Ron, who had strayed in back alleys while battling addictions for years, getting on the ice was daunting. But with Robert right by his side, giving pointers and encouragement, he too got on his feet and pushed forward.

Amazed by the attendance and generosity of the community, Robert affirmed, “I want the money to help support the homeless by building homes and feeding them.”

Since the city provided the rink at no charge, all the proceeds were directed to Surrey Homelessness and Housing Fund, which supports projects that have helped Ron and many others who struggle with homelessness in Surrey.

Surrey is confronted with unique homelessness and affordable housing challenges. But as the Skate for the Homeless has demonstrated, it also possesses an involved community with caring, initiative-taking young people like Robert.