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2019 Funding Priorities

Projects considered for funding must be initiatives addressing the key priorities along the continuum of needs related to homelessness and access to housing in Surrey, including:

Key Priority: Creating Homes   

  1. Creation and/or retention of housing units including:
  • Transitional or short-term supportive housing units
  • Permanent or long-term supportive housing units
  • Mixed use housing – some supportive units and other subsidized units/units that will available at or below shelter rate

a) Capital activities including:

  • Pre-development – for e.g. need and demand study and housing/service plan, environmental assessment, site/development/building plans, permits, infrastructure improvements, designs and rezoning
  • Facility Construction
  • Facility Renovation/Expansion/Repurposing

b) Other capital activities that will assist in supporting the project come to fruition, the sustainability of the project and/or align with/leverage other funding opportunities.

Key Priority: Innovative Projects  

  1. Innovative approaches to addressing or reducing homelessness:
  • Pilot projects
  • Innovative service delivery projects
  • Elements of social enterprise development which may include: equipment, upgrades or business plan. Please note: space rental and staff salary are ineligible costs

Key Priority: Capacity Building

  1. Sector capacity building and coordination of initiatives that:
  • Create increased efficiency through service coordination among organizations
  • Promote collaboration to leverage increased funding from other sources
  • Increase sector knowledge and ability to respond to homelessness in Surrey

ELigibility Criteria 

  1. Organizations and projects that are eligible for funding include:
  • Charitable organizations and registered societies, or for-profit entities that are working in partnership with a charitable organization and have a written agreement.
  • Projects addressing issues and gaps related to homelessness and access to housing and that are based in and provide direct benefit to Surrey and Surrey residents.

2. Organizations and projects that are not eligible for funding include:

  • Organizations without charitable tax status
  • Fundraising activities
  • Retroactive funding
  • Conferences
  • Deficit funding
  • Core operational funding
  • Ongoing program funding or funding ongoing operational costs
  • Services or facilities that are not in compliance with municipal licensing and zoning requirement


The application should:

  1. Be project-based with clear start and end dates
  2. Demonstrate the need
  3. Target priority populations – homeless and at risk individuals
  4. Demonstrate financial viability and the potential for long-term sustainability
  5. Demonstrate collaboration and thorough consultation with stakeholders
  6. Identify other internal and/or external funding contributions for the project; other funding should be explored and stacking is ineligible
  7. Leverage additional funding from government, business, and/or other funders
  8. Support the goals and objectives of the Surrey Homelessness and Housing Fund and/or the goals of the Master Plan for Housing the Homeless in Surrey