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“They’ve Never Stopped to Talk to the Person Sitting on the Corner of the Street, They Just Walk By…”

Watch this CBC video here that features the experience of, seventeen year old, photographer Leah Denbok who takes portraits of homeless people. Leah states these are her two project goals: “To shine a spotlight on the plight of homelessness” “To humanize homeless people, who are often seen as subhuman”. Leah says people are often curious to… Continue reading

Surrey’s SOS Children’s Village Officially Opens Two Transition Suites

The Surrey Homelessness and Housing Society, is proud to be one of the contributing partners for SOS Children’s Village BC in providing support for their expansion project of two additional suites. The SHHS was pleased to partner with an organization that offers resources and housing for vulnerable children and youth in foster care. Initiatives like these are important and impactful and can happen when partnerships… Continue reading

“Your City Sports” Video

Warm socks are essential and the most requested item in homeless shelters. Check out this short video about how “Your City Sports” is giving back to the community through “Buy One, Give One”. Watch to see how you can get involved and give back to your community!