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We've reached our goal to raise $18,000 in support of Surrey projects that reduce and prevent homelessness

Thanks to the tremendous response from the community, we have surpassed our fundraising goal. Although we have reached our goal, the campaign is not over, as we continue to accept donations throughout the year in support of those who are homeless, at-risk and hidden homeless in Surrey. Thank you for your generosity and support!

It is our duty as community members to support Surrey's vulnerable youth and help prevent them from becoming hidden homeless. With your continued support, we can help end the cycle of poverty in Surrey – to provide help, hope, and homes for those experiencing homelessness in Surrey. To support our goal that Everyone in Surrey has a Home, please donate today.

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Here are some ways you can help the hidden homeless


provides a warm bed

Safe, affordable housing for youth and vulnerable individuals in Surrey is becoming more difficult to come by. When there is nowhere safe to sleep, at-risk community members are forced to spend the night on the cold, unsafe streets. With your support, the Surrey Homelessness and Housing Society can assist with ensuring more at-risk and homeless individuals have a roof over their heads, a warm bed at night and a safe place to call home.


home starter kit

From bedding and cookware to pantry supplies and groceries, there are many necessities someone starting over in a new home needs. Your $125 donation towards a home starter kit will help the transition for vulnerable youth, families and individuals into a new, safe home that much easier. Your donation will go a long way.


public transit fare

Access to public transit can be something many take for granted – people have cars or money to pay for bus and train fares. For many of Surrey’s Hidden Homeless, whether it is getting to school, to a job interview or to work, access to transit can be stressful. Not having access to transit can be a major barrier for people who are simply trying to get from point A to point B.


after school activity

Going back to school is an exciting and stressful time. For families that are precariously housed, who are thinking about making sure they have enough money for food and shelter for their children, paying for afterschool activities can seem nearly impossibly. The Surrey Homelessness and Housing Society supports programs that alleviate this stress for families and believe every child deserves access to education and after school activities where they can learn and have fun.


hygiene supplies

Toiletries, feminine products and other personal hygiene items are basic needs that everyone should have access to. Surrey’s Hidden Homeless may be a youth or senior staying on a friend’s couch, or a single mother and her children staying with a friend temporarily because they have nowhere else to go. They may be lacking specific items that one would keep in their bathroom cabinet such as a toothbrush or Band-Aids. Simple items like this can mean so much.


feeds a family

Women and children fleeing abuse often leave with only the clothes on their backs. Mothers and their children are much more likely to be Hidden Homeless, because mothers will do anything to keep their children safe. They find temporary solutions, keeping them off the street, but still in a vulnerable situation. As little as $20 can provide a well-rounded meal for a family who may be struggling with food insecurity.

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We work with community organizations to develop and fund Made in Surrey Solutions that address the homelessness challenges that are often unique in our community. One of our priorities is supporting vulnerable youth in Surrey that are improperly or inadequately housed – those that are couch surfing or staying with friends because they quite literally have nowhere else to go. Many of Surrey’s Hidden Homeless are youth who have no access to basic needs like safe and sustainable housing, clothing and access to transit. When you give, your donation will have the greatest impact on homelessness in our community. Together, we can prevent more youth from experiencing homelessness in Surrey.

“In the beginning, I didn’t want to even ask people (to stay with them), because I know people have a certain outlook on homeless kids, like ‘she’s going to be doing drugs in our bathroom.’ I don’t want them to think that. I literally have nowhere to go.”

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